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Synonyms for biology

the science that studies living organisms

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characteristic life processes and phenomena of living organisms

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all the plant and animal life of a particular region

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The biologists were conducting fall chinook spawning surveys, the fish and wildlife department said.
9 Current Biology, the biologists suggest a 6-month season and a 90 percent reduction in the several million traps currently permitted.
But the animals probably avoided the fire, biologists say.
An April article in the journal Natural History details the work of Canadian biologist Thomas E.
An internal Forest Service investigation learned that the government biologists had planted samples of lynx hair on rubbing posts placed in forest lands to collect evidence of lynx habitat.
Although this was a setback, USFWS biologists are optimistic about the coming spring breeding season, which will feature three males and four females that are sexually mature.
From President Bush, who promises to fund a "medical moon-shot" (even at the expense of federal investment in physics and space exploration) to the man in the street, who hears each day that biologists have discovered a "gene for breast cancer," or a "gene for shyness," the conviction grows throughout the culture that genetics hold the ultimate explanation for most human afflictions, whether physical or mental.
Wildlife biologists are nothing new to Canadian forestry companies, Nicks says, although Domtar may be the first to create a wildlife-specific job in Ontario.
Biologists increasingly use mass spectrometers to identify protein forms in complex samples, but are hampered by today's software tools due to: (1) poor throughput, (2) difficulty in analyzing more than about 75,000 spectra from a single experiment, (3) inability to compare results from different experiments, (4) inability to compare different search engine results from the same experiment, (5) difficulty in providing false positive estimates, or (6) a closed software environment.
Some marine biologists study the life cycles of fish, whales, turtles, and other species to ensure they are not overfished or threatened with extinction.
Yet some biologists now question that truism and are looking for a fuller explanation for the roles that feigned death might play in animal interactions.
Betty Courtney, an environmental scientist with the California Department of Fish and Game, said the city was proactive in years past about scheduling tree trimming and working with biologists.
Last December, 68 professional biologists called for a hunting moratorium pending the completion of long-term population studies throughout B.
Between 1987 and 1990, biologists flew 60 caribou from Canada to northern Idaho.
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