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transformation of a substance produced by the action of heat

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Based on its chemical composition, palm fruit shell meets the main criterion for raw material useful for bio-oil production (Parikh et al.
Technology will convert cellulosic biomass to bio-oil for industrial heating, power generation and transportation fuels
Biomass-to-liquid fuels such as bio-oil, which can be upgraded to diesel-like fuels, are produced by pyrolytic reactions.
Although bio-oil is not a real alternative to petrol for powering cars, it is being looked at as a serious green fuel for power stations.
The Tampere facility has produced over 20 tonnes of bio-oil since June, offering the product as an alternative to heavy and light fuel oils.
They will install a distributed control system (DOS) based on Siemens SIMATIC[R] PCS 7 Box technology on ERRC's bench scale, fluidized bed pyrolysis system that heats the biomass in a reactor and converts it to liquid bio-oil, bio-char, and synthetic gas.
CTV also will fund research that complements DOE-sponsored work at NREL on bio-oil reforming.
Bio-oil may be produced from more than 300 plant kinds such as colza, sunflo-wers, olives, soya etc.
Various technologies are discussed, including cellulosic ethanol, biomass gasification, synthesis of diesel and gasoline, bio-crude by hydrothermal liquefaction, bio-oil by fast pyrolysis, and the upgradation of biofuel.
Bio-Oil recently participated in Arous Al-Khaleej, described as one of the most attractive fashion shows.
Contract notice: Study and realization of a fast pyrolysis driver for production of bio-oil.
Faast pyrolysis, the process of rapidly heating biomass without oxygen, produces energy-dense bio-oil from wood, plants, and other carbon-based materials.
eaw br 2 Bio-Oil My fiancee is eight months pregnant with our first child.
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THE SKINCARE company Bio-Oil marked International Day of the Midwife (May 5) by offering midwives a $4000 professional development grant.