Binet-Simon Scale

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the first intelligence test

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at 3 and 5 years of age) were measured using the Stanford Binet test (Canfield et al.
A comparative study of the intelligence of Chinese children on the Pintner performance and the Binet tests.
In Measuring minds, we learn of female psychologists like Clara Schmitt who criticized Goddard's interpretation of the Binet tests, field workers like Elizabeth Kite who famously diagnosed long-dead generations of the Kallikak family as mentally defective, the psychologist Florence Mateer and the physician Dr Gertrude Transeau whom Goddard hired to work with him at the Ohio Bureau of Juvenile Research with disastrous consequences, as well as countless other female psychiatrists, social workers, schoolteachers and school inspectors.
Trent (1994) has argued that Goddard's conversion to the Binet tests was facilitated by the pressure he was under by one of Vineland's funders, Samuel Fels, who wanted Goddard to prove that his laboratory was worth the money and would one day produce the solution to eliminating feeble-mindedness, but Zenderland surprisingly does not mention this.
In the 1910s, Goddard decided to apply the Binet tests to normal children for the first time.