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Recycling bins will remain, but residents have the option of switching their recycling bin size as well.
Automatic bin size selection means that bins of mixed sizes can be loaded into the machine in any order, which eliminates the need for tedious and time wasting bin sorting.
Toronto's new mayor is looking to save the city $18 million a year with his municipal budget proposal to raise waste pickup rates based on bin size.
Bin size tax: households are charged for the size of their bins, with families needing larger bins having to pay the most.
Dividers organize contents in up to 10 compartments, depending on bin size.
Residents can change bin size after a set period of time - although doing this too frequently would result in unreasonable costs.
Dacey said the council was also concerned that the 65-gallon recycling bin size was too small since the city had moved to single-stream recycling pickup.
As a result bin size is being reduced from 240 litres to 140 litres in a bid to encourage recycling.
Mr Noble said: "Instead of wide- spread issuing of bin-liners we have agreed with the workforce that collection crews will report every instance of bins falling off the emptying mechanism, giving the house address and bin size.
New features include: auto-purge of Recycle Bins based on business rules, object expungement by users and/or PDRB administrators, enhanced security, usage reports by Recycle Bin size or by user, improved configurability, and utilities that extend the ability to manage user Recycle Bins across the enterprise.
Based on the shipping priority, materials are then moved into what Atlas calls the "triage" area, where they are removed from their packing and separated by bin size.
SecureSource's modular configuration allows carousels and lockers to be intermixed to offer the widest range of secure, single-item dispensing bin size options available today.
So halving our bin size is ridiculous, how bigger households will cope I don't know.
Larger bin size significantly increases storage capacity yet the footprint is only slightly wider.
Tenders are invited for Hdpe Plastic Material Heavy Duty Plastic Bin Size 290 Mm Length X 178 Mm Width X 143 Mm Height Make M/S Aristo Or Askon And Nilkamal