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In November 2016, the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development awarded a contract to five companies to supply one million waste bins and 900,000 bin liners at a cost of $74, 040,000 (GHc318million).
The bin liners were in the living room along with one of the boxes while the other box had smaller dealer bags inside it in the kitchen.
To tackle the problem Wrexham council chiefs are proposing to give very house a 20 roll compostable bin liner starter pack to line their caddies.
Inside, they discovered more than 7,800 cigarettes wrapped in black plastic bin liners.
Moore, 29, dumped a TV, old carpets, bin liners, cardboard boxes and other household waste at two separate spots 300m apart near Ashington, Northumberland, after finding the local rubbish dump closed.
If Mr Cameron signs up to the scheme he will be supplied with three cotton nappies and a roll of biodegradable bin liners.
But I've been using my old supermarket bags as bin liners and now I am running out of them.
Unlike glossy products that tend to block or stick to each other, low-gloss Flexalloy compounds exhibit antiblocking properties that ease handling of films such as bin liners, flexible "accordion" hoses on vacuum cleaners, and mating parts such as weather-stripping.
In addition, while glossy products tend to block or stick to each other, the lowgloss Flexalloy compounds are said to exhibit anti-blocking properties that ease handling of films such as bin liners, flexible accordion hose and mating parts such as weatherstripping for windows and doors.
But the cast of the open air performance of Shakespeare's Richard II, including Steven Berkoff, are determined that the show must go on despite the bad weather and audiences cowering beneath plastic ponchos and bin liners from the rain.
Eastar Bio copolyester is used in food service markets for cutlery and single-use disposable packaging, protective packaging, compost bags and organic waste bin liners.
The days of getting away with selling tea-bags next to bin liners are gone as consumers become more sophisticated and more used to slicker retailing provided by the major multiples.
Use of Daschner Bin Liners is a proactive approach to infection control and improved patient care.
NAT-UR's products include lawn and leaf bags, bin liners, and food serviceware such as cutlery, cups, straws, lids and plates.
Contract notice: 1018-16 Caddy Liners, Refuse Sacks and Bin Liners.