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United States cartoonist noted for his drawings of soldiers in battle (1921-2003)

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55) Bill Mauldin, quoted in Tobin, Ernie Pyle's War, 9.
In a very real way, Bill Mauldin chronicled the path taken by the Greatest Generation -- a generation that spoke, not with pompous words, but through noble deeds," said Mickey Barnett, member of the U.
Bill Mauldin captured it perfectly in one of his "Willie and Joe" cartoon panels during World War II.
Or maybe the cartoonist who occasionally dons a reporter's hat is a member of a new breed of ink-slingers (if not a throwback to the Bill Mauldin school of cartooning), going beyond the gag, truth-seeking with pen in hand.
BILL MAULDIN, THE BRILLIANT World War II cartoonist, once drew a beautiful mountain vista with a sign posted in front that read "For Officers Only.
Previous recipients of The American Legion National Commander's Public Service Award have included Meet the Press host Tim Russert; entertainer Wayne Newton; NBC Anchorman Tom Brokaw; ABC News Correspondent Jack Smith; famed editorial cartoonist Bill Mauldin (who created the World War II GI characters Willie and Joe); former Secretary of Education William J.
The Bill Mauldin Pulitzer Prize cartoon showing Boris Pasternak remarking to another prisoner in the Soviet Gulag, "I won the Nobel Prize for literature.
Pulitzer prize-winner Bill Mauldin, one of America's favorite cartoonists of World War II, will be honored on a stamp in March.
In addition to contemporary local and national cartoonists like Mike Peters, Mort Walker and Mary Engelbreit, there will many original historical cartoons and cartoonists represented like "Blondie," "Maggie and Jiggs," Al Hirschfeld, Bill Mauldin, Tom Engelhardt and Daniel Fitzpatrick.
Bill Mauldin and Ernie Pyle did a much better job with that aspect of the war.
Because their experiences outstripped their ability to explain them, they relied on men like Ernie Pyle and Bill Mauldin to explain the war to civilians in words that would convey some semblance of truth without the shock of the whole truth.
Well-known World War II cartoonist Bill Mauldin will also receive the Medal of Honor Society's Bob Hope Entertainment Award.
Engelhardt also has high praise for Bill Mauldin, the Post cartoonist from 1958 to 1962.
And Bill Mauldin, whose cartoons during World War II displayed, through unshaven, war-weary but irrepressible infrantrymen Willie and Joe, the bedrock of a nation's spirit, grit and determination, died Wednesday at his California home at the age of 81.
The posting said the new cartoonist should be in the tradition of two Post cartoonists who won Pulitzer prizes--Daniel Fitzpatrick and Bill Mauldin.