Bill Clinton

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42nd President of the United States (1946-)

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PAUL BECALA, a professor at Georgetown, was previously a political consultant for Bill Clinton.
So Bill Clinton and Pete Wilson have $1 million per black man to spend and it's the God's truth that they're putting that kind of money into his imprisonment, his $25,000-a-year retirement from society.
Jimenez, a major figure in the Clinton fundraising scandals, fled the United States in November 1998, just as Congress was preparing to impeach Bill Clinton on Lewinsky-related charges.
Bill Clinton has been poking fun at himself recently.
In describing Bill Clinton as crazy, we let our political and social culture off the hook.
As a dying man, Hussein had nothing to gain from flattering Bill Clinton.
Bill Clinton did it all - balanced the budget, grew the economy, created 22 million new jobs, saved Social Security, ended the Cold War, invented the Internet, presided over world peace, stopped world hunger, left no child behind, put a laptop in the hands of every child in America going to college, sent every child in America to college, stopped crime, stopped hate, stopped hate crimes except those committed by Republicans against him, and was the real author of ``Red Badge of Courage.
Bill Clinton, of course, will have to spend some time at his library in Little Rock.
Bill Clinton may have had a more star-studded act, but entertainment industry lobbyists and lawmakers predict that Hollywood's clout on key issues will increase with Republican George W.
Is it mere coincidence that, in the era of Bill Clinton, Jerry Springer has surpassed Oprah in the daytime talk ratings war?
And Bill Clinton is more than willing to carry it out.
Next most often named are Ronald Reagan (14%), and Bill Clinton (at 10%).
The principle contained in that statement applies to the proposal that Bill Clinton and several of his erstwhile subordinates be indicted for "war crimes" by the UN's International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia (ICTY).
Every move Bush has made as president--from working banker's hours to shunning the bully pulpit--seems carefully choreographed to show that the era of Bill Clinton is over.
Didn't Bill Clinton rail against George Bush in Campaign '92 for "coddling Chinese dictators"?