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United States writer noted for his works portraying the life of drug addicts (1914-1997)

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But this hipster writer, ever the protean, was all over this new turbulent cultural terrain, and offered enough "soft leftist" wisdom to become part of the Beat Generation's fringe, whereas Wild Bill Burroughs hunkered down at the Beats' hot core.
Hello to Naked Lunch (1959) (the same year as Advertisements for Myself), Mailer's breakthrough book that made Bill Burroughs into a self-made absurdist who condemned Mechanism as cultural theory, yet, simultaneously, embraced it as literary weaponry.
Mailer, supposedly, was trying to imagine America stripped of its Judeo-Christian heritage, unlike Bill Burroughs, with the "Nuclear Age" in his sights, in search of a "Book of the Dead"
Now Bill Burroughs is telling us that technology has "carried their bodies farther, faster, higher than ever before.
Agere needed a predictable, proven design tool with advanced timing closure support for our network processor," said Bill Burroughs, technical manager within the Multiservice Networking division of Agere Systems.