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an orange-yellow pigment in the bile that forms as a product of hemoglobin

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The Global and Chinese Bilirubin Industry Report 2014 is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the global bilirubin industry with a focus on the Chinese situation.
What strategies can be employed to deal with spurious increased bilirubin results?
Blood analysis was significant for a total bilirubin level of 48.
Urine ketone level was measured using a nitroprusside reaction and bilirubin was measured by the diazo method on an Aution Max AX-4280 automated urine chemistry analyzer (Iris Diagnostics, Chatsworth, California).
Eventually, the scientists hit upon the jaundice-causing bilirubin, a yellowish pigment that's produced when the hemoglobin in red blood cells breaks down.
Raised levels of bilirubin (hyperbilirubminaemia) are the cause of the yellow discolouration associated with jaundice (NICE, 2010).
Our study indicates male smokers with low levels of bilirubin are a high-risk group that can be targeted with smoking cessation help, low-dose spiral CT screening of their lungs and other preventive measures," said senior author Xifeng Wu, M.
Bilirubin is a waste product of red blood cell turn-over in the body, and is mostly excreted via the liver.
From the 15th gestational week her bilirubin level remained stable within the normal range and the jaundice did not recur.
Linear regression models were fitted for In-transformed values of alanine transaminase (ALT), [gamma]-glutamyltransferase, and direct bilirubin on PFOA, PFOS, and potential confounders, and logistic regression models were used to compare deciles of PFOA or PFOS in relation to high biomarker levels.
When the bilirubin level is mildly elevated, the whites of the eyes turn yellowish,
It often occurs when a baby's liver is under-developed and is unable to deal with bilirubin, a substance produced when red blood cells are broken down.
Whole Blood Bilirubin Screening at the POC Improves Neonatal Outcomes and Workflow Efficiency" covers guidelines on neonatal jaundice and hyperbilirubinemia; the challenges with existing testing methodologies; and whole-blood point-of-care total bilirubin testing.
Though EBV hepatitis is a common entity, clinically present jaundice with high bilirubin levels is less common.
Bu arada uzamis sarilikli vakalarda direkt bilirubin duzeyinin yuksek olup olmadiginin belirlenmesi de istenecek tetkikler, tam ve tedavi acisindan onem tasimaktadir (6).