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a contract involving mutual promises (each party is both promisor and promisee)

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This new agreement will replace the assessment bilateral agreement currently in place, and will significantly increase the number of projects in Victoria that will be eligible for single assessment.
A spokesperson for flydubai in an emailed statement confirmed that one of the airline's representatives attended the meeting in New Delhi but said the airline currently works within the constraints of the bilateral agreements.
Besides Sri Lanka and Thailand, Pakistan has also signed the Bilateral Agreement on Transfer of Offenders with the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom.
The High Commission said that 31 sentenced prisoners under detention in Sri Lanka were found eligible for transfer to India pursuant to the bilateral agreement on the Transfer of Sentenced Prisoners between India and Sri Lanka signed in June 2010.
These models serve as the basis for concluding bilateral agreements with interested jurisdictions.
Both sides have agreed to conclude a bilateral agreement between both countries, in order to organize and secure Iraq's water share from Turkey, he said.
This agreement does not replace any bilateral agreements between EU Member States and Turkey that are already in place; it adapts them to bring them in line with EU law.
Having failed in that effort, it set out to twist the arms of governments the world over to sign bilateral agreements ensuring that they would not send U.
Iraq welcomes the conclusion of another bilateral agreement with one of Iraq's non-Paris Club creditors," said Iraq's Minister of Finance Baker Jabr Al-Zubaidy.
Marines in the prefecture to maintain deterrence, following a recent bilateral agreement on the realignment of U.
In such cases, Congress intended that Treasury pursue with the appropriate authorities in the foreign jurisdiction a bilateral agreement that would allow the use of the loss to offset income of an affiliate in only one country.
The NHS is expanding, but we're not going to do that at the expense of other countries", Health Minister John Hutton said after the the United Kingdom Department of Health announced plans to prevent the National Health Service organizations from recruiting healthcare staff from developing countries without a bilateral agreement.
A key outgrowth of the PIP was a bilateral agreement signed last June to permit the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) "to offer all its programs and services in Mexico.
EU Trade Commissioner Pascal Lamy will visit Beijing in the week of March 27 with hopes of concluding the bilateral agreement.
Okinawans are voting on whether they want changes in the bilateral agreement that provides for U.