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TRAM LINE' VICTIM TRIBUTE CYCLISTS are to hold a minute's silence for a young woman killed after her bike wheel apparently got stuck in an Edinburgh tram track.
Wheel company GeoOrbital has manufactured a cutting-edge electric bike wheel that can be attached to any bike.
7cm FOOTREST HEIGHT: Max foot rest height--41cm to 48cm MOUNTAIN BIKE WHEEL SIZE: 24 in OVERALL WIDTH: 74cm WEIGHT: 20kg BACK HEIGHT: 37cm (also adjustable forwards or backwards), higher seat backs available on request, no extra cost FOR TRANSPORT: The seat back folds flat and the rear wheel folds underneath the frame--length is reduced from 132cm to 82cm RIDER: Maximum weight 100kg; maximum height 6'4
Only 198 examples of each will be available - the number of cyclists entered in the race - and each will come with Tour de France badging and cycle-friendly features such as waterproof seat covers and bike wheel bags.
It looks as though the one with the bike wheel is in charge because it's his wheel - he is the boss and it looks like they are following him ready to make their own fun and amusement.
They determined he had swiped a bicycle and a bike wheel from a rack near McClure Hall.
David Boyle, who was driving a van behind the pair, said: "I saw the red motorcycle, the rider seemed to be fighting with the machine, trying to hold the bike wheel.
The bike wheel contains all you need so that no sensors or additional electronics need to be added to the frame and an existing bike can be retrofitted with the blink of an eye," he added.
The 27-year-old Spaniard, who won the 2007 and 2009 Tours, finished half a bike wheel behind Andy Schleck on yesterday's 174-kilometre 17th stage from Pau to the Col du Tourmalet to retain an eightsecond advantage.
He challenged a teenager who dropped a bike wheel on his garden wall in March.
Another attack involved a boy who was badly beaten by 15 of his classmates who hit him with tree branches before dumping him in a rubbish pit and smashing him over the head with a bike wheel.
The 32-year-old German, six-time green jersey winner on the Tour, powered to his 12th ever stage win barely a bike wheel ahead of speed rival Robbie McEwen.
The only way to assess these different approaches was to quickly make mock-up prototypes, whether from card cut-outs and drawing pins or by chopping up a real bike wheel.
Brian Hayes, who had inspected the punctured bike wheel, told the Birmingham inquest: "I feel through experience that this had only just happened before the incident.
An old bike wheel and a bit of stick, We ran and ran till we all felt sick.