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the Indic language spoken in Bihar (and by some people in Pakistan and Bangladesh)

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However, unofficial estimates suggested that in 1971, over 20,000 Biharis lived in Santahar, which was surrounded by rural areas swarming with Bengalis.
Mukti Bahini had also massacred Biharis and West Pakistanis in large numbers who were living in the then East Pakistan.
After, independence, more Biharis flocked to East Pakistan as officials of the Government of India and the Bengal government, who had opted to serve in Pakistan, besides businessmen, industrialists to fill the vacuum caused by the migration of the Hindu entrepreneurs and merchants.
The Town once known for the Biharis die-hard loyalists of Altaf Hussain, witnessed the rise of Bihari Qaumi Movement (BQM) but the movement suffered setback first with the death of its backer Dr Imran Farooq on 16 September 2010, inform Abu Salam Ahmed, a local journalist, adding over two months later, Aftab Malik the MQM founder, chief and ex-UC Nazim of Orangi Town UC 14, was gunned down in Orangi Town on November 27, 2010.
It is true that the military action was swift and stern as all such operations are but it is also true that the Bengali Regiments were well prepared and had already committed Awami League members on a killing spree of the unarmed West Pakistani civilians, Biharis and unarmed military personnel serving in far off places in small pockets.
The Biharis became the source of cheapest labour in India.
In fact, the MP was misinformed as no Biharis have been targeted as they have been peacefully living and running their business activities in the heart of the Imphal City.
Taking umbrage at the remark, the wily Nitish has sent the ball back in Modi's court by launching a 'shabd wapasi" (withdraw the words) program; and his party JD(U) has embarked on a drive of collecting five million DNA samples of Biharis and sending them to Modi.
DHAKA -- Violent clashes between Bengalis and Urdu-speaking Biharis on Saturday left 10 people dead in Mirpur area here over the use of firecrackers overnight to celebrate an Islamic festival.
Simultaneously blaming Biharis for bringing the poverty ratios lower in Gujarat is another no-no just before the elections and why ever did the Gujarat government spokesperson feel the need to justify the Gujarat government figures in that fashion?
Raj Thackeray Blames Biharis for Delhi Gang Rape," Hindu, January 6, 2013, http://www.
People from Bihar, a huge, backward and impoverished state in India's northeast, represent one of Thackeray's principal targets 6 he has now accused Biharis of committing not only the much-publicized gang-rape in Delhi, but also a disproportionate amount of sexual assaults in the country.
Not only this, the violence against the Biharis and other non-Bengali people had started even before the Pakistani military launched its operation against those it described as 'secessionists'.
The Biharis from East Pakistan following the creation of Bangladesh, and the Afghans fleeing Afghanistan following the Soviet invasion of 1979, further swelled these numbers.
In its four decades of history, there have been many such programmes--the party first began by asking south Indians to get out of the city, then shifted for a brief moment to Gujaratis, then became an aggressive, anti-Muslim, Hindutva spouting party and is now railing against "north Indians" which translates as Biharis and UPiites.