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the Indic language spoken in Bihar (and by some people in Pakistan and Bangladesh)

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Mr Sah was stabbed with a knife and the Biharis started attacking Mr Lal, (a Punjabi) who they said had started the fight earlier during the day at the site.
Witnesses and police said nine people, including eight of a family, were burnt to death and another died in gunshot as a camp of Biharis was set on fire over the dispute.
Justice Nasir-ul-Mulk remarked that the Shimla treaty was between Pakistan and India and Bangladesh was only signatory and 237,000 Pakistani Biharis were sent to Bangladesh and they were stranded in Bangladesh.
This festival is popular only in Bihar but with the migration of Biharis to different parts of the country it is becoming popular in other parts of the country especially in the cities where migrant labours from Bihar are settled.
No one is talking about the fact that all these rapists are from Bihar," Thackeray said, adding that even the chief minister of Delhi, Sheila Dikshit, has commented on the wave of crimes committed by Bihari migrants in the capital city.
The victims are all non-Assamese, mostly Biharis and Bengalis, and belong to the labor class.
In 1947, 100,000 Urdu speaking Biharis opted for eastern Pakistan and one million of the Muslims of Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat migrated to western Pakistan.
8 million Biharis to Pakistan, most of whom joined other Indian immigrant communities in Sindh.
Rashtriya Janata Dal president Lalu Prasad also said that the Biharis had enough self- respect, self- confidence and talent and they did not need to import any leader from Gujarat.
During civil war, West Pakistanis, Biharis and members of security forces were butchered by Bengali army officers erstwhile colleagues and Mukti Bahini guerillas.
Pakistan's Higher Commissioner in Dhaka should be ordered to take all necessary steps to ensure protection of the Biharis and should seek support from the Bangladesh government in this regard.
Well, he had extricated Bihar, once a basket case, out of morass, put it on the track to development and gave a new identity to Bihar as well as Biharis.
RJD has always raised its voice against MNS for adopting such dehumanising acts against Biharis.
Maharashtra Navnirman Sena chief Raj Thackeray kicked off another row on Saturday by holding Biharis as responsible for the surge in rape cases in the country.