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The species with the most occurrences were: Anemopaegma laeve, Fridericia erubescens and Jacaranda jasminoides, while the species with lower occurrence were: Fridericia dichotoma and Bignonia convolvuloides.
odontophylla X (Urticaceae) Triplaris americana X (Polygonaceae) Bignonia diversifolia X (Bignoniaceae) Palinomorfo indeterminado X Total 31 (20 familias) 11 14 22 Tabla 3.
Flora del Conosur, Solanaceae), and among the lianas the families Bignonia ceas, Ulmaceas and Amarantaceas stand out.
This new genus of which I have seen two species belongs to the Bignonia family.
Common small-sized shrubs and vines include: Bignonia capreolata (crossvine), Dioclea multiflora (Boykin's clusterpea), Rubus cuneifolius (sand blackberry), Sambucus canadensis (American elder), Sebastiania fruticosa (gulf sebastiana) (a good indicator of this type), Smilax glauca (cat greenbrier), S.
Pandorea is a less common conservatory plant, also known as Bignonia semperflorens.