Bighorn River

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a river that flows from central Wyoming to the Yellowstone River in southern Montana

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Releases from Yellowtail Dam to the Bighorn River are currently 11,500 cfs.
It is because all my life I've been an avid student of the fracas on the hills above the Little Bighorn River.
It was buried on the shores of the Bighorn River Some say Marsh had collected even more gold from worried prospectors who didn't want to their tresasure to marauding Indians.
By May 1876, large numbers of Sioux were leaving the reservations to join Sitting Bull and his people along the Little Bighorn River.
After the Civil War he turned Indian campaigner, and on June 25, 1876, without waiting for reinforcements, he led the Seventh Cavalry against a large force of Lakota and Cheyenne by the Little Bighorn River in Montana.
Suspecting an Indian village was somewhere to the south, they decided that Custer would lead his 600 troops and 35 Indian scouts southward along the Rosebud River, which flows a few miles west of the Little Bighorn River.
While there I walked the ground above the Little Bighorn River to gain a sense of the fight, but when visiting the museum there happened a defining moment in my shooting life.
On June 25, after a long, hard ride, the Seventh Cavalry reached the southern end of the Sioux encampment near the Little Bighorn River (see map).
He pushed the Indians toward the Little Bighorn River but was unable to pursue due to his losses and the difficulty of the terrain.
On 25 June 1876,211 Americans (soldiers, scouts, journalists, and contractors) were struck down near the Little Bighorn River.
MONTANA'S BIGHORN RIVER below Yellowtail Dam is a wide, shallow river that runs through the grasslands of eastern Montana, The Bighorn's hatches are legendary and its spring emergences are no exception.
Along the headwaters of the Little Bighorn River in northeastern Wyoming, a huge dam recently threatened 135,000 acres of essentially undisturbed habitat for elk, black bear, moose, blue grouse, and native Yellowstone cutthroat trout.
The original battle, that took place in 1876, was fought on the Little Bighorn River in remote southeastern Montana between the U.
One hundred twenty years ago today, on a June afternoon also said to be hot, George Armstrong Custer and his men lay dying on this hillside overlooking the Little Bighorn River.
The stunning defeat of Custer's Seventh Cavalry at the Little Bighorn River in June of 1876 triggered a surge of military activities designed to subjugate the powerful western Sioux and thereby restore public confidence and erase the embarrassment of a government in the midst of a national election.