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the first largest innermost toe

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Finch, who is based in the University of Manchester's KNH Centre for Biomedical Egyptology, recruited two volunteers whose right big toe had been lost in order to test exact replicas of the artificial toes in the Gait Laboratory at Salford University's Centre for Rehabilitation and Human Performance Research.
Our patients all first developed swelling of big toes or thumbs because these digits are especially prone to trauma.
A bunion is a swelling around the joint where your big toe joins the foot and is often hard and covered with thick skin.
The Toeminator is plain Paul Beech when he's not doing weird things with his big toe and he is a hero down Staffordshire way.
Lie back in mountain pose and bend right knee in toward chest, either grabbing your big toe with your right hand or placing a strap around the ball of that foot.
That means that their big toes are like thumbs, These opposable big toes enable monkeys to grasp things with their feet as well as their hands.
But as the years pass and you discover the artifice of Cindy Sherman's film stills, the 'appropriations' of Sherrie Levine and Richard Prince, the solipsism of John Coplans' monumentalizations of his big toes, there's a noticeable deviation from work that is overtly mimetic or empirical.
According to the morphogenic theory, there must be some substance produced in the back of the bud that at high concentrations causes smaller digits to develop, and at diluted concentrations (toward the front of the bud) allows for the development of big toes or thumbs.
Setup:Stand in Tadasana or Mountain Pose, big toes and heels touching.
A cross-dressed man in red heels does a wry little dance just of his protruding big toes.
The initial contact is made with the big toes, then the balls of feet, heels, and finished by lowering the hips toward the floor.