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a coffin along with its stand

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a stand to support a corpse or a coffin prior to burial

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The body of my wife, arrayed in her richest robes and decked with all her jewels, was laid upon the bier. I followed it, and after me came a great procession, headed by the king and all his nobles, and in this order we reached the fatal mountain, which was one of a lofty chain bordering the sea.
Here I lived in darkness and misery until my provisions were exhausted, but just as I was nearly dead from starvation the rock was rolled away overhead and I saw that a bier was being lowered into the cavern, and that the corpse upon it was a man.
Then they laid it on a bier and covered it with a linen cloth from head to foot, and over this they laid a fair white robe.
You might have chanced to hear of your Richard on his bier, but for the friend I sent to fetch you.
At intervals the speaker was interrupted by general and loud bursts of sorrow, during which the girls around the bier of Cora plucked the plants and flowers blindly from her body, as if bewildered with grief.
Obedient to the sign, the girls raised the bier to the elevation of their heads, and advanced with slow and regulated steps, chanting, as they proceeded, another wailing song in praise of the deceased.
The sudden (sic) death of the child created suspicion, the more so as the body was immediately clothed and laid upon the bier. Therefore the coroner gave notice, and an inquest was held on the 6th.
Appellant Samuel Biers appeals the district courts entry of judgment as a matter of law in favor of Appellee Tracey Cline during a jury trial on Bierss First Amendment retaliation claim.
Biers (English, Columbia University) argues that, during the period before WWI, American writers developed a poetics of the virtual as they competed with immersive multimedia experiences and spectacular amusements offered by the burgeoning popular culture industry.
'It'll all end in biers' is the motto at the Republic Bier Hof in Glasgow.
There's a powerful human story at the heart of writer-director Susanne Biers' 124-minute film.
Among Olsen's credits is Scottish helmer David McKenzie's 2002 pic "Last of the Great Wilderness," which she co-produced; Biers "Open Hearts" (associate producer) and Lone Scherfig's English-lingo "Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself." She's finishing Bier's "Brothers," to be re leased in Denmark on Sept.