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The Indian Bible itself is almost the only relic of both.
And if you should feel your own self-interest pressing upon your heart too closely, then think of Eliot's Indian Bible.
But his zeal did not grow cold; and only about five years before his death he took great pains in preparing a new edition of the Indian Bible.
That to sell Bibles was strictly lawful by all laws both Divine and human, and consequently there was no unfitness in it.
It seems to me, mamma, the Bible is for every one to read themselves.
She does love the Bible so much, and wishes so she could read
Well, of course, by and by, Eva, you will have other things to think of besides reading the Bible round to servants.
Thick-headed commentators upon the Bible, and stupid preachers and teachers, work more damage to religion than sensible, cool-brained clergymen can fight away again, toil as they may.
Among the rest, it occurred to him, he said, how his father used to insist so much on the inexpressible value of the Bible, and the privilege and blessing of it to nations, families, and persons; but he never entertained the least notion of the worth of it till now, when, being to talk to heathens, savages, and barbarians, he wanted the help of the written oracle for his assistance.
I took one of the Bibles in my pocket, and when I came to Will Atkins's tent, or house, and found the young woman and Atkins's baptized wife had been discoursing of religion together--for Will Atkins told it me with a great deal of joy--I asked if they were together now, and he said, "Yes"; so I went into the house, and he with me, and we found them together very earnest in discourse.
And, Tom, sit down here; I've got something for you to write i' the Bible.
Cornelius took the Bible, and kissed it reverently.
The prisoner then, giving the Bible to Rosa, said, --
Leaving the cell, the young man could still see in the convulsively clinched fingers of Rosa the yellowish leaf from that Bible on which Cornelius de Witt had with such difficulty and pain written these few lines, which, if Van Baerle had read them, would undoubtedly have been the saving of a man and a tulip.
A CELEBRATED Divine having affirmed the fallibility of the Bible, was asked why, then, he preached the religion founded upon it.