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a band that marches (as in a parade) and plays music at the same time

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Wine bibbers say In Vino Veritas, but in my case it's In Beero Very 'Tash...
The projects include necklaces (single and multi-strand), bracelets, zipper doodles, bibbers, wineglass charms, earrings, ankle bracelets and eyeglass leashes.
Its drawback, as serious champagne bibbers will point out, is that its open shape creates a large surface for the champagne to lose its fizz.
Notre Dame's bibbers learn their ABCs -- abusing, boozing, cruising -- as if they were a national title, but university administrators, from counselors to priests in the confessional, are looking for ways to sober up the place.
"Bibbers" McNally, who died in 2003, and Patricia A.
Bibbers are advised to verify the type of the dome requested.