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pneumatic tire that has radial-ply casing

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Instead of the radial-ply tires that are the standard for modern automobiles, light aircraft tires are a bias-ply design, where the internal fabric cords are sandwiched between two layers of rubber and laid diagonally--at 30- and 60-degree angles to the tire's centerline--and extend from bead to bead.
On more even terrain, the radial design provides a quieter, smoother ride than a conventional bias-ply tire, treading over small and large bumps with ease.
The system Hess is using includes classifications such as Clean Passenger Tires, Dirty Passenger Tires and Other Passenger Tires (contaminated and burned), as well as Radial Truck Tires and Bias-ply Truck Tires.
They're filling the void with bias-ply tires and retreads or anything else they can get their hands on," said Good.
In the twentieth century tyres and tyre manufacturing underwent several fundamental changes, from solid rubber tyres to pneumatic tyres; first, high-pressure clincher tyres, then low-pressure balloon tyres, diagonal bias-ply tyres and finally radial tyres.
Radials are typically inflated to lower pressures than bias-ply tires.
Radial tires don't wear out as quickly as bias-ply tires and therefore cause less pollution per mile from particulate matter.
Park (814-863-7930), researchers have developed a neural network pattern recognition software to predict the stresses on pavement from truck radialply and bias-ply tires.
developed neural network pattern recognition software to predict the stresses on pavement from truck radial-ply and bias-ply tires, which are found most often on U.
Avoid mixing tires on a vehicle - for example, pairing a normal tread depth with a deep tread depth or a bias-ply tire with a radial.
Today's radial tyres last four times longer than 1960s bias-ply treads.
Today's radial tires last four times longer than the bias-ply treads of the 1960s, so people don't have to replace them as often.
Radials, which have become standard equipment on cars over the past 20 years, throw out smaller particles than older, bias-ply tires.
The company's bias-ply tires dominate NASCAR's All-Pro circuit, which includes stops at such tracks as Louisville Motor Speedway and the Winchester Speedway in Indiana.
Only the treads of bias-ply tires can go into mats.