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an entrance that can be closed by a gate

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The main alternative route has been established in the OPNET model having analyzed the AS BGP routing tables.
Chemical control is an important component in BGP management; however, previous trials conducted to select effective products were not successful (Gonzalez et al.
This mechanism was asserted by BGP to the NRC Authority, Government of Assam and Election Commission of India.
On Day 1, The BGP welcomed beginners and intermediate level hobbyists with a Build-and-Race event wherein participants simply have to purchase a new kit, build it, and try for the fastest 3-Lap run time of the day.
Since, to our best knowledge, only limited number of studies have been devoted to the issue of long-term stability data of CS-based dosage forms, therefore, the goal of the current paper was to examine the influence of crosslinking with bGP on the physicochemical performance of CS hydrogels with a model antifungal agent upon storage.
Our joint work on the BGP VPN project is a great example of an important piece of networking technology that we are enhancing for modern communications, as the industry strives towards more dynamic, agile and self-adaptive networks.
On completion of investigation from FIA investigation team, case has been registered against Chinese company Messer's BGP, Clearing Agent Company IMTCo, customs officers and others besides arresting Chinese company country manager Zung zungman, and his deputy Li Chang Haung.
33/2017 of FIA ACC Karachi has been registered against a Chinese Oil and Gas Surveying Company M/s BGP (Pakistan) International, its Clearing Agent M/s IMT Co, Customs Officials and others on the allegation of preparing and submitting Fake and Bogus Corporate Guarantee for clearance of their Surveying Equipments valuing Rs.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-March 22, 2017-Citi: Mayor awards BGP 20,000 prize to green entrepreneur
M2 EQUITYBITES-March 22, 2017-Citi: Mayor awards BGP 20,000 prize to green entrepreneur
Four different palm accessions were used, identified as BD 27 (from the region of Abaete/ MG), BD 40 (from the region of Pitangui--Martinho Campos/ MG), BGP 29 (from the region of Prudente de Moraes--Matozinhos/ MG), and BGP 35 (from the region of Mirandopolis/ SP).
Hibernia Networks has introduced Border Gateway Protocol Flow Specification (BGP Flowspec) for its best-in-class global IP Transit services, the company said.
The engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract is for construction of an additional storage and pipeline facility and forms the second part of the Bahrain Gas Plant project (BGP Part 2) at BNGEC, a statement from nogaholding said.