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Determining if the sporadic movements of the BFT are caused by human disturbance or from normal range expansion (e.g., post-natal male dispersal behavior) is paramount to understanding how this species survives.
Consequently, the "negative" listing on BFT mirrored the same placement on the A+ long-term counterparty credit rating on Credit Agricole, which, in turn, was triggered by the downgrade review on the AAA unsolicited long-term sovereign rating on France.
Upon leaving our vehicles, we forfeited BFT, power amps for radios and long distance communications, and the remote viewing terminal to observe unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) feeds.
Eventually, the US Army plans to put roughly 40,000 BFT systems on various platforms, from tanks and Humvees to Bradley fighting vehicles and helicopters.
On the basis of the studies above and lack of information, therefore, our objectives were (i) to investigate the condensed tannin concentrations in grazed BFT and RBFT, (ii) to determine if concentrations in BFT and RBFT from pure stands differ from the BFT and RBFT component in tall fescue mixtures, and (iii) to determine if concentrations fluctuate through the spring grazing season.
In this study, we presents the association of BFT traits with the GRIP1 gene using an F2 intercross population between KNP and Landrace pigs.
We expanded our inventory to include over 75 disk drives, six computers, keyboards, and display units for the BFT system.
The similarities of the results of REA and BFT between treatments may be associated with the fact that diets were isoenergetic and isonitrogenous.
TF Gladiator was able to acquire the necessary modified TOC kit laptop (AAI part number is 38900-42050-10) that fits inside the Ground Control Station that control the Shadow aircraft in order to allow for the displaying of the UAS icon on the BFT (see figure 1-2).
The current BFT uses half-duplex capability, a term which means it has only one-way transmission and cannot receive and transmit at the same time.
(NASDAQ: CMTL) has announced, that during the fourth quarter of fiscal 2019, its Command & Control Technologies group, through its Maryland-based subsidiary, Comtech Mobile Datacom Corporation, which is part of Comtech's Government Solutions segment, was awarded USD 4.2 million in rapid innovation funding from the US Army for an enhanced version of Comtech's next generation MT-2025 Blue Force Tracking ("BFT") satellite terminal that will incorporate a dual-mode BFT satellite transceiver and new antenna nulling technology, the company said.
The Bureau of Foreign Trade (BFT) has authorized TAITRA to organize the Taiwan Expo series since 2017.