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Eurasian subspecies of tundra swan

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The conservation organisation is continuing to work with partners throughout the Bewick's swans' migratory range to research all the possible reasons for the declines, including illegal hunting, poisoning, collisions and habitat loss.
"Each winter, I'm fortunate enough that a small flock of a couple of hundred Bewick's swans returns to my workplace -- WWT's Slimbridge Wetland Centre in Gloucestershire.
Bewick's Swan, now more widely known as the Tundra Swan, is a large, long-necked, pure white species of waterfowl. BIRDS AT RISK FROM A pounds 15bn SEVERN BARRAGE: Bewick's swan: a smaller swan, named after the engraver Thomas Bewick, who specialised in illustrations of birds and animals.
But for other species, particularly Bewick's swan (but also the long-tailed duck and the velvet scoter), the decline is uniform across northern Europe.
The giant animals, some up to twelve times life size, include Natalie the Nene, the world's rarest goose, Kate the Kingfisher and Benedict the Bewick's swan, magnificently stretching his brick wings.
Her expedition, the Flight of the Swans, is the first ever attempt to follow the migration of the Bewick's swan from the air.
Bewick's Swan This small swan, named after the engraver Thomas Bewick, is one of the birds that would have its Severn Estuary habitat wrecked by both the largest barrage and the two coastal lagoons.
Also on the Dee, a Black Redstart is at Shotwick Boating Lake and a Bewick's Swan is among a flock of Whooper Swans on nearby fields.
Some of the last paintings in the book were by Sir Peter Scott and feature - appropriately enough - the Bewick's swan. Sir Peter, a distinguished wartime naval officer, set up the Wildfowl Trust in peacetime, now the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust.
This winter we also saw a Bewick's Swan or tundra swan on the whooper pond during the cold snap, sadly only for a couple of days.
The flat, arable land in the shadow of the Dee industrial area has hosted both species of wild swan, with a larger number of whooper than Bewick's swan, which are still present just inside the Flintshire border.