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United States operatic soprano (born in 1929)

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Crack the code to discover what Beverly Sills had to say to people with handicaps.
It will feature a "tribute in song to 125 years of America's favorite sopranos, from Lillian Russell to Beverly Sills to Ella Fitzgerald," the program says.
The unexpected death of operatic icon Beverly Sills on July 1, 2007 set off a wave of heartfelt tributes that ranged far beyond the operatic world where she first gained her fame.
Eliot, James Joyce, Wassily Kandinsky, Friedrich Nietzsche, Beverly Sills, Arturo Toscanini, and Virginia Woolf.
The late Beverly Sills once went so far as to call Sweeney Todd an opera.
When he knocked on the doors of actress Mia Farrow; performers Beverly Sills, James Taylor, and Carly Simon; cartoonist Jules Feiffer; and novelists William Stryon and Robert Crichton, they all agreed to fight the battle that was "likened to the fight between David and Goliath.
Born in 1864 in Sacramento, CA, Sibyl Sanderson was the first in a long line of celebrity opera singers running to Maria Callas and Beverly Sills in recent years.
Think: Beverly Sills hosts this special ``Live From Lincoln Center'' tribute to choreographer George Balanchine, who died in 1983.
Notable alumni include Milton Berle, Beverly Sills, Donald O'Connor, Christopher Walkin, Sarah Jessica Parker and Yo-Yo Ma.
After a few months of retirement, Beverly Sills, the former chairman of Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, has returned to action as chairman of the Metropolitan Opera.
As Beverly Sills once said, "Divas don't wear miniskirts.
Entre ellas: Leyla Gencer (1924), Joan Sutherland (1926) y Monstserrat Caballe (1933) asi como Beverly Sills (1929), e incluso --conjuntamente-- las mezzos Giulietta Simionato (1910), Janet Baker (1933) o Shirley Verrett (1932).
It was an interesting lecture in Denver by Beverly Sills, diva emerita and well-known spokeswoman for the arts, that alerted met to the fact that we in Colorado may have done something unique.
Three states, including New York, already have music-censorship bills in their hoppers, and a faction of Time Warner's board, led by Henry Luce 3d and opera singer Beverly Sills, has entered into what amounts to open warfare against Levin's "free speech" policies, which aren't all that free: Time Warner said it supported artistic expression during the "Cop Killer" controversy, then dumped Ice-T at the first opportunity.
Famous customers include Paul Newman, Carol Burnett, Sandra Day O'Connor, Anne Bancroft, Beverly Sills and Nancy Reagan.