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Darren Grover from the World Wildlife Fund Australia said that bettongs and rock-wallabies are not easy to find as they are disappearing.
Grover said that rock-wallabies and bettongs are fascinating animals; wallabies are acrobats while bettongs are engineers that contibute to the growth of trees, help soil improvement and even prevent bush fires by burying leaf litter.
Grover continued that although rock-wallabies and bettongs are lesser known than the kangaroos, they are still an important part of Australian biodiversity.
While the northern bettong are used to be found along the coast of Queensland from Rockhampton to Cairns, now only small and isolated populations of them are found in North Queensland.
Digging and burrowing are common behaviours in many Australian mammals, for instance potoroid rat-kangaroos, such as bettongs and potoroos (Claridge and May 1994; Garkaklis et al.
The digging made by bettongs tends to be clumped together and are most dense within 2 m of trees that host ectomycorrhizae, rather than in the spaces between trees (Johnson 1994).
At the time of European settlement, woylies were the most common bettong species in Australia, with a distribution that covered most of the mainland south of the tropics (Troughton 1957; Finlayson 1958; Burbidge et al.
Before final insulation, the assemblages contain a wide range of terrestrial fauna including wallaby, bettong, possum, bandicoot, bilby, snake and lizard.
They have documented many cases of indiscriminate surplus predation by the fox on species including the burrowing bettong, the black-flanked rock-wallaby and the tammar wallaby.
Small holes puncturing the continuity of the forest floor suggests bettongs and other small animals have already taken their share of the tasty bounty.
It arose from his fascination with the ring-like diggings of the malleefowl and the crescent shaped excavations of the burrowing bettongs.
But now that the woylies and the bettongs and other animals have disappeared, we wonder how these fungi will be dispersed.
But what happens when the dispersing agent -- the potoroo, bettong, woylie or marsupial mouse -- goes extinct from a region?
In contrast, potoroos, bettongs and other "rat kangaroos" have an enlarged stomach, full of the necessary bacteria.
After 10 pieces of habitat are removed, players are asked to pretend they are one of three animals: a spider, a bird or a bettong.