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United States film actress (1908-1989)


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She was photographed by the then Birmingham Evening Mail who put a picture of Bette Davis alongside a picture of Betty, asking: Which one is Bette Davis?
"She did not give any interviews about the strained relationship of Bette Davis and Joan Crawford during their lives or after their deaths, despite the fact that she was very close to Ms.
I was 20 when her lovely assistant Kathryn Sermak said, 'Bette Davis has agreed to talk to you.
It explores the bad blood between legends Joan Crawford and de Havilland's friend Bette Davis. Catherine Zeta-Jones plays de Havilland.
Ryan Murphy has decided to capture some of the most infamous celebrity battles in his new series, "Feud." Season 1, which premieres Sunday on FX, will focus on the ( long-standing war between legends Joan Crawford and Bette Davis.
Over the show's 35-year run, he conducted more than 6,000 interviews with guests that included Bette Davis, Orson Welles, Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis.
That's young, luscious Bette Davis flirting with a wildly startled Richard Barthlemess in 1932's "The Cabin in the Cotton.''
The stage play was a magnificent two-hander about the bitter rivalry between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford during the filming of the creepy classic Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?
It shows stock photos of Bette Davis, John Lennon and Carolyn "Morticia Addams" Jones (also labeled as Bette Davis) along with the traditional "Lorem Ipsum" Latin placeholder text.
Greta Scacchi takes on the role of Bette Davis while Anita Dobson plays Joan Crawford in the West End hit Bette And Joan, which is now on tour.
Cassandra Langer's review of Richard Schickel and George Perry's Bette Davis: Larger Than Life in the July-August 2010 issue is not only well-written but also right on target.
I'd always vaguely assumed that the Davis Cup was named after Hollywood legend Bette Davis.
This film relaunched the careers of Bette Davis and Joan Crawford and gave birth to the "Psycho-Biddy" genre of horror films starring over-the-hill hammy actresses in tales of extreme dysfunction.
Apparently, Olivia was unable to attend a tribute to her late co-star Bette Davis, so Joan accepted the invitation, only for Olivia to change her mind and Joan then to drop out.