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a town in eastern Pennsylvania on the Lehigh River to the northwest of Philadelphia

a small town near Jerusalem on the West Bank of the Jordan River

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Die Ereignisse in Betlehem sind ausfuhrlich dargestellt, was sich programmatisch auf den Weihetitel (Maria als <<Dei Genitrix>>, <<Gottesgebarerin>>) und den Dreikonchenchor der Kapitolskirche beziehen lasst.
Dass es schwer war, dieses Problem einem deutschen Muttersprachler zu erklaren, ist aus der Gesangbuchkritik von 1688 deutlich zu ersehen, wo die problematische Stelle mit Hilfe des Lateinischen verdeutlicht wird: Die Zeile Se peab tulla Betlehem--damit war gemeint: der soll nach Betlehem kommen--wird ubersetzt als Ille debet ad veniendum Bethlehem der soll, um zu kommen Betlehem .
Occupied Jerusalem, Mar 8(Petra)- Israeli government on Monday gave the green light to build 112 new housing units in the Beitar Illit settlement near the West Bank town of Betlehem, Israeli Minister of Environment Gilad Erdan told the Israeli army radio Monday.
She received her doctoral degree in 1955 with a dissertation titled 'Slovenske prireditve srednjeveske bozicne pesmi Puer natus in Betlehem (Slovenian Adaptations of the Medieval Christmas Song Puer natus in Betlehem).
Originally composed for NBC-TV in 1951, Gian Carlo Mcnotti's one-act opera tells the story of the enchanted night when the Three Kings stayed with a widowed mother and her son, as part of the trio's star-guided journey to Betlehem.
Die leser het dus begrip vir die versoek wat Naomi aan haar eertydse vriendinne in Betlehem rig: "Ek wil asseblief nie meer Naomi wees nie, want lieflik is ek lank nie meer nie, en my lewe is ook nie lieflik nie.
The trigger was a military operation of Jewish armed forces, resulting in taking over the two northern Templer colonies in Palestine--Waldheim and Betlehem [sic], (15) near Nazareth, on the night of April 16th.
More funds became available to them and were used to purchase land for three new settlements, Wilhelma, Waldheim and Betlehem.
WITHIN THE 874 PAGES of Soren Mosegaard's debut work, Uhyret fra Betlehem (The monster from Bethlehem), might be a horrendously macabre novel, a real spine-tingler, if one could only manage to stay the course and remain involved in the narrative, the tangled plot, and the lives of the bizarre characters.
Al-Quds added that several Palestinians were shot and injured by Israeli forces as the latter raided the Jenin village of Barta'a, the Jerusalem refugee camp of Shu'fat and the Betlehem refugee camps of Aida and al-'Azza.