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(Old Testament) the wife of Uriah and later the wife of king David

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Bethsheba teaches drawing classes and also teaches Benedict's nephew.
Bethsheba's daughter has ideas about treasure and, with Benedict's nephew, runs away to find it, throwing Bethsheba and Benedict together in a hunt to find them.
Lonesome John (Paul Blackthorne) is picked up in a park by Scottish skinhead druggie Byron (Ian Henderson) and intro'd to the Boys Galore escort agency, run by the queeny Mitzi (Gary Fairhall) and middle-aged Bethsheba (Sue Tilling).
Led by a man in white robes, the horsemen thundered nearer, and as Bethsheba stared she saw the gleam of gold on the leader's head-dress and knew he was a sheikh.
In exchange for granting permission for the filming to continue on his tribal land, Sheik Suliman commands Bethsheba to sing for him at his palace, 'The House of the Seven Suns.
In Desert Destiny, for example, when Chris comes to rescue Bethsheba from the sheik's tents, he is taken aback at her luxurious surroundings: