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United States physicist (born in Germany) noted for research in astrophysics and nuclear physics (1906-2005)

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The Mi Mix 2S will is tipped to bethe successor to the Mi Mix 2 .
QES systems can be studied by two main approaches: the analytical approach based on the Bethe ansatz [14-19] and the Lie algebraic approach [10-13].
In response to this, blockchain enabler SAP has claimed that the country'spublic sector will bethe driving force behind the UAE hitting this figure.
"Na Na karte pyaar tumhi se kar bethe, karna tha inkar, magar ikraar tumhi se kar bethe," tweeted Yadav.
Hillary Clinton should bethe 45th President of the United States of America according to a 7DAYS online poll.
This wall will bethe third of its kindIsrael has built along the border.
Bethe (Corneii University) was modestly describing the discovery that would earn him a Nobel Prize in 1967.
" He added: "Me and Sam (Allardyce) were theavour of the week before Cardi and whoever won the cup nal was going to bethe avour of this week.
It might bethe only gas engine of its kind known to exist.
Ed Miliband admitted Labour faced a "challenge" from UKIP as he vowed to e" expose Farage's claim to bethe working-class party.
in physics from Columbia, Andy worked with Hans Bethe at Cornell University from 1954 to 1959 before joining what is now the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL).
Hosting the night to end all nights will Bethe holy trinity that is Kevin, Bernard and Jennifer.
"There's some of the best bethe world around Wales and petually raining!" " Simon agrees the reasonsuccess abroad is down to theroots.
Although there were a number of older (today politely called "non-traditional") students in our graduate program in Oriental Studies at the University of Pennsylvania in 1968, Moshe Gil certainly wasor seemed to bethe oldest.
Saratoga Springs, NY, October 26, 2013 --( The Bethe Reynolds Team at Keller Williams Realty Saratoga Springs has just listed 528 Glen Street in Glens Falls NY.