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I wasn't about to put all my patients on betablockers; but in my mind, laughter struck me as the next best thing.
IOPs at week 4 between the treatment groups (TTFC and betablocker) was significant (i.e., one-sided p value was <0.05, which corresponds to an upper bound of the one-sided 95% confidence interval [CI] of <0).
Current pharmacological options for CSA include betablockers, CCBs, short- and long-acting nitrates, and ranolazine [4,8].
Administration of betablockers during anaesthesia only was not defined as perioperative beta-blockade.
On presentation, chronic medication included statin, betablocker, nitrate, calcium antagonist, and an angiotensin receptor blocker.
In view of this, he was prescribed bisoprolol 1.25mg betablocker daily, increasing to 2.5mg after 4 days.
Substituting an ARB and calcium-channel blocker for betablocker and ACE inhibitor produced the same results.
Baseline characteristics of ICD recipients with and without significant sleep related breathing disorders Variable, n no SRBD (%) n = 29 SRBD n = 15 p value Age (yrs) 63 [+ or -] 10 62 [+ or -] 10 0.90 Male 26 (79) 13 (87) 1.0 LVEF 29 [+ or -] 5 28 [+ or -] 6 0.73 Betablocker 26 (79) 15 (100) 0.54 Amiodarone 7 (24) 3 (20) 1.0 Table 2.
The coefficients for the HEDIS variables vary in sign and are not statistically significant for all HEDIS measures, except the [beta]-blocker (Betablocker) medication rate.
North Korean shooter Kim Jong Su was stripped of his silver and bronze medals after testing positive for a banned betablocker, Spanish cyclist Isabel Moreno was expelled after testing positive for EPO in a pre-competition check, and Vietnamese gymnast Thi Ngan Thuong Do was caught using a prohibited diuretic.
To prevent the influence of confounding factors, the study excluded subjects who regularly made use of oral contraceptives (Mueck, Seeger, Petersen, Shultze-Wintrop & Wallwiener, 2001; Seeger, Ludtke, Graser, Wallwiener & Mueck, 2000), antidepressant drugs (Breier, 1995; Linnoila, Miller, Bartko, & Potter, 1984), and betablocker drugs (Neftel & Gautschi, 1986); subjects who had a body mass index (BMI Kg/[m.sup.2]) above 30 (Bjorntorp, 1995); and subjects who had a cigarette-smoking habit (Benwell, Balfour & Anderson, 1990).
A study sponsored by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) found that, overall, the betablocker bucindolol did not increase survival for moderate to severe heart failure.
In order to help iron out concerns that the Commission's competition authorities originally had about this mega-merger, Astra and Zeneca agreed to divest their exclusive distribution rights for Tenormin (a plain betablocker made by Zeneca) in Sweden and Norway.
All patients were given a betablocker, either propranolol or atenolol on the preoperative day and a morning dose on the day of surgery.