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NASDAQ: PTGX) orphan drug designation for PTG-300, the company's sub-cutaneous injectable hepcidin mimetic, for the treatment of beta-thalassemia, a rare disease characterized by chronic anemia and iron overload, the company said.
Biopharmaceutical company Protagonist Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ:PTGX) said on Tuesday that it has received US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) orphan drug designation for sub-cutaneous injectable hepcidin mimetic PTG-300 for the treatment of beta-thalassemia, a rare disease characterised by chronic anemia and iron overload.
Kidney Function in Patients With Different Variants of Beta-Thalassemia.
Prevalence of alpha and beta-thalassemia mutations among carriers of thalassemia in Shadegan city, southwest of Iran.
Economic burden of beta-thalassemia/Hb E and beta-thalassemia major in Thai children.
Carrier detection for beta-thalassemia trait in general Pakistani population: a way forward.
Assessment of thyroid function in children aged 1-13 years with beta-thalassemia major.
It has been known for some time that individuals with genetic mutations that persistently elevate fetal hemoglobin are resistant to the symptoms of sickle cell disease and beta-thalassemia, genetic forms of severe anemia that are common in many regions of the world.
Beta-thalassemia is an autosomal recessive genetic disorder, which is widespread throughout the Mediterranean region, Africa, the Middle East, the Indian subcontinent and South East Asia.
Identification of three rare Beta-thalassemia mutations in the Pakistani population.
Although those diseases, beta-thalassemia and polycythemia vera, have opposite effects on red blood cell production, treating animals with minihepcidin helps to restore normal levels of red blood cells and reduces spleen enlargement.
3% have been reported with regard to the frequency of beta-thalassemia trait ([beta]TT).
Thalassemia major, also known as Cooley's anemia, is a severe transfusion-dependent anemia and belongs to the group of beta-thalassemia autosomal recessive disorders.
Sensory neural hearing loss in beta-thalassemia major patients treated with deferoxamine.