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In addition, later generations of beta-lactam antibiotics have broader spectrums of activity, which may obviate any benefit offered by adding aminoglycosides.
Although all antibiotics have a minimum concentration threshold necessary to treat infections, Beta-lactam antibiotics are time-dependent in their bactericidal activity.
The study by researchers at university of Notre Dame and their collaborators in Spain showed how MRSA regulates the critical crosslinking of its cell wall in the face of beta-lactam antibiotics.
The altered penicillin-binding protein, designated PBP2a, is able to perform its cell-wall synthesis functions, but has low affinity and does not bind to beta-lactam antibiotics. The presence of the mecA gene confers resistance to all beta-lactam antibiotics.
Neither macrolides, ketolides, or fluoroquinolones were superior to beta-lactam antibiotics. When analyzed separately by type of antibiotic, neither macrolides nor fluoroquinolones were superior, either with regard to cure or mortality rates at the time specified in the study, usually end of treatment or at 10 days.
Translated to the population level, sales of beta-lactam antibiotics, co-trimoxazole, or macrolides in a given geographic region may be proportional to microbial resistance to penicillin.
The analysis further showed that this deadly bacterium carries several antibiotic resistance genes, including resistance to aminoglycoside, macrolides and Beta-lactam antibiotics: all of which makes antibiotic treatment extremely difficult.
Her main area of research is bacterial resistance to beta-lactam antibiotics mediated by beta-lactamases, especially in enterobacteria.
This is of growing concern as organisms become resistant to cephalosporins and macrolides as well as to beta-lactam antibiotics. Susceptibility testing has become a critical element in antibiotic selection.
Selective pressure is thought to play an important role, and use of beta-lactam antibiotics has been implicated as a risk factor for infection and colonization (6-14).
The persistently negative blood culture results, combined with the development of petechiae and failure to improve on ceftriaxone, led us to consider the diagnosis of typhus rather than typhoid fever, since rickettsia are resistant to beta-lactam antibiotics (6).
The Campos facility, which Strides Arcolab has acquired from South African Aspen Pharmacare Holdings Ltd (JNB:APN), is engaged in the production of beta-lactam antibiotics such as Carbapenems as well as Penicillins for the Latin American markets.
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