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Shaw says: "It is right to acknowledge the achievements of car makers in providing us with safe cars that offer excellent protection in the event of a crash, with eight of the top 10 best-sellers having Euro NCAP 5 star ratings.
Rendell produced a steady stream of best-sellers for more than a half a century in a career that began on the lowest rung of local journalism and ended on the benches of the House of Lords.
Bird Street Books Inc, a US publisher of health, fitness and lifestyle titles, announced on Monday that Life Code: The New Rules for Winning in the Real World by Dr Phil McGraw, which it released on 12 February 2013, has achieved New York Times best-seller status.
Geralmente, os textos impressos na contracapa dos best-sellers se limitam mesmo a apresentar um resumo da obra, especificando o numero de linguas nas quais foram traduzidos.
Did I think that the book would become number one in the New York Times' and Washington Post's best-sellers lists?
Enter prolific author Sher whose best-sellers make wishes come true, if you follow the directions.
Likewise, Cistercian Publications (the late Thomas Merton was one of the spirits behind this enterprise) issues classic works in monastic spirituality; one of its perennial best-sellers is a translation of the sayings of the desert fathers and mothers but its catalogue ranges from the patristic sources right down to contemporary monastic writers of both East and West.
Within days of Winfrey's on-air raves, the first two novels she picked for discussion - ``The Deep End of the Ocean'' by Jacquelyn Mitchard, a first-time novelist, and ``Song of Solomon'' by Toni Morrison, the Nobel Prize-winning novelist - shot to the top of best-sellers lists.
Peut-etre est-ce a cause de cette position ambigue que les best-sellers attirent peu l'attention des chercheurs?
There was an increase in demand for lofts, and as with Midtown, the five- and six-room units were best-sellers, while the largest prewar apartments were in rare supply, and when available, moved quickly.
In celebration of the October Platinum Edition DVD release of The Little Mermaid, more than 2,500 Little Mermaid products are now available at retail with such best-sellers as The Little Mermaid Magical Talking Salon.
Birdcage Walk, Helen Dunmore | Best-sellers chart from Waterstones.
According to Barnes & Noble, its MEMBERS will receive 40% off the list price of hardcover fiction and non-fiction best-sellers.
Editor, mentor, the mother of contemporary romance, she edited for Harlequin, Dell (Candlelight Romances), Bantam and other publishers, where she published national best-sellers by Sandra Brown and Jayne Ann Krentz, having discovered their manuscripts in the "slush pile" Her editing pioneered modern American romance, taking the genre from the castles of European history to the contemporary, American bedroom.
These classic brands are really more popular than ever,'' said Gary Serby, a spokesman for Hasbro, the maker of best-sellers as Lincoln Logs and Mr.