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one of the ancient Norse warriors legendary for working themselves into a frenzy before a battle and fighting with reckless savagery and insane fury

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FRINGE: The Beserker Boys is a new comedy written by comedians Keith Carter and Stanley McHale about old shipmates who decide to capture their old ship.
The Beserker Boys is named in recognition of the Viking Beserker tribe, renowned for terrorising any who stood against them.
The Beserker Boys, Unity Theatre, February 26 and 27.
Could the same be about to happen to another new comedy, The Beserker Boys, due for a mere two-night run at the Unity this week?
The 2008 premieres are mainly by local companies, and includes The Beserker Boys, by comedians Keith Carter and Stanley McHale, telling the story of White Star shipmates who plan a mutiny.
The story centres on the all-too-real danger of a new inner city drug called Beserker, which turns a museum security man into a killer, leaving a trail of dead bodies.
The physical dance company Momentum (also Liverpool based) premieres the final working of its latest piece, Anima, over five nights in early February, while Liverpool's First Break Productions premiere The Beserker Boys in late February.
5 28 DAYS LATER (2002) BACK in Britain and back on form, Boyle's spooky tale of a coma patient who wakes in an abandoned London after a plague turns its population into flesh-eating beserkers, spawned a glut of inferior zombie flicks.
3) No matter what the faith persuasion: amerindian aztec, bantu plainsman, maori tribe, viking beserkers, all have a belief in how it started, how it will end.
This fantasy evokes Norse and Irish mythology in an adventure that involves best friends, beserkers, and bards.
Ruck's recent book (2007) revisits mushroom lore and the Beserkers as well as other associations of lycanthropic mushroom use.
95) has received our praise prior but deserves ongoing mention as a fine story of one Jack, kidnapped in AD 703 by beserkers who grab kids to work on ships.
Lost Heaven is a step into Bon Jovi territory and Beserkers could be Wylde's idols Black Sabbath on an off-night.