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one of the ancient Norse warriors legendary for working themselves into a frenzy before a battle and fighting with reckless savagery and insane fury

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With Berzerker and Edwards both gutted, it seemed that the city's hardcore were to be disappointed.
The Uruk-Hai are the worst of the Orcs, bigger than the rest of their foul breed, although even they are put in the shade by the Berzerker Uruk- Hai, the ultimate Orc, who feels no pain or fear.
Their Sonic Excess sampler, released on Monday, sells for just pounds 1 in the UK and features 16 acts including Autonomy, Decapitated, December Wolves, Rabies Caste, Rakoth and The Berzerker.
Nightly performances on three different stages range from four- to six-hour deconstructions of works by the terminally uncool (Ibsen, Shakespeare, Brecht), to dance pieces by the Tanztheater berzerker Johann Kresnik, to environmental happenings in which the audience is elevated onto the stage.
Though we would have been best served by trying to knock off tricks in the book, when Geoff remembered the school with the big white hips it was definitely Go Time and the team went berzerker, pulling several moves in the blazing sun.
Were you so excited that you went berzerker and killed yourself every time you got to a spot?