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French composer of romantic works (1803-1869)

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The Traite d'instrumentation may well turn on a preconceived system of classification, but it has improvisatory aspects as well: after numbering only the first six chapters, Berlioz left it to the compositor to distinguish among subsequent sections, chapters, subchapters, and paragraphs.
The concept drew brilliant results in Vaughan Williams' Thomas Tallis Fantasia on one evening; in the Berlioz Requiem on the next it disappointed like a damp squib.
Y Sergio Berlioz lo debio hacer todo con la mano izquierda, pues pocos dias antes del concierto sufrio fractura del brazo derecho, no obstante lo cual saco adelante el concierto de una manera brillante.
Berlioz wrote "Symphony Fantastique" about his obsessive desire for actress Harriet Smithson.
It's not the flashy Berlioz we are used to, with extravagant orchestrations and loud brass," he says.
One of the disappointments of the symphony is that Berlioz give such a small part to the mezzo soprano.
As Rodgers puts it, Berlioz tests the limits of coherence, challenging us to think about new forms of logic, and finding new ways to express himself by combining musical elements in such a way that the result cannot be explained so easily.
Ian Yemm The programme will also feature the Hungarian March by Berlioz played by the Philharmonia Orchestra; Serenade to Music by Vaughan Williams performed by choir and orchestra; and I Was Glad by Hubert Parry, again performed by choir and orchestra.
REVIEW: William Marshall The Berlioz - as its title suggests - is one of the most extraordinary, not to say bizarre works in the orchestral canon.
Saloman (music, Baruch College and Graduate Center, City University of New York)has revised a number of her essays on musicology in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries and added a previously unpublished work for this look at the reception of classical music in Paris, London and Boston, particularly that of Hector Berlioz and the Ninth Symphony of Beethoven.
Der romantische Weg im Fruhwerk von Hector Berlioz.
Not shy about placing ``Manzanar'' in the grand tradition of classical music, Nagano compares the work's structure to certain works by Berlioz, including ``La Damnation de Faust,'' ``Romeo et Juliette'' and the curio ``Lelio.
Berlioz redesigned the full, modern manner of orchestration as we know it today with the Symphonie fantastique in 1830, so there are certain conventions we expect to be observed.
by Hector Berlioz, at the Metropolitan Opera, New York.
NEW YORK A Metropolitan Opera presentation of the opera, with music and libretto by Hector Berlioz after Virgil's "Aeneid.