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Dutch architect and town planner (1856-1934)

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19) The quotation was selected by the visiting Dutch architect Berlage to represent Karsten's position in the contemporary debate amongst colonial architects--notably between Karsten, Wolff Schoemaker and Maclaine Pont--about the possibility of developing an Indo-European architectural style drawing on Javanese and European traditions (Berlage 1931:100-5).
Profeta o visionario, sonador proletario o artista engreido, Berlage podra gustarnos mas o menos y podriamos acusarle de haber contribuido a fomentar el fin de la civilizacion que anunciaba, pero el hecho es que su pronostico se ha cumplido.
Insurance can cover a retailer for lost income due to climate by analyzing retail traffic, and how people behave in certain weather, to determine the trigger," says Berlage.
1993 Nancy Berlage, "Professionals and Agricultural Change: Home Economists and Home Demonstration Work in Rural New York, 1910-1930.
Baseball historians Gal Berlage, Harold Seymour, (2) and others have documented that women played baseball as early as 1865 at Vassar College.
En segundo lugar, impulsar nuevas fuentes de financiacion que, ademas de fomentar la estabilidad financiera internacional, se reviertan especialmente en los paises de bajos ingresos (Addison, Mavrotas y McCillivray, 2005; Alonso, 2009; Berlage, Cassimon, Dreze y Reding, 2003; Spratt, 2007).
31 March 2010: Jocelyn Berlage, Sarah Fassmann, Camille Fehlberg, Colin Alexander Goff, Tera Grant, Michael V.
12) This view was first expressed by Hendrik Berlage on the basis of his famous study of the Java tree rings; Berlage, 'Over het verband tusschen de dikte der jaarringen van djatibomen (Tectona Grandis) en de regenval op Java', Tectona, 24 (1931): 939-53.
Gregorich (1993), Berlage (1994), and Ardell (2005) also included detailed historical accounts of the league within their books that address women's overall participation in baseball.
Berlage, Terweduwe (1988), "The Classification of (Countries by Cluster and by Factor Analysis", World Development, vol.
Berlage has pointed out that the Farm Bureau, founded in 1919 as one of the largest and most politically influential national groups, promoted itself as a family organization with reciprocal roles for men and women that reflected the gendered division of labor on the farm.
8) Es de recordar que Berlage viajo a los Estados Unidos en 1911 para ver la obra de Wright, quedando entusiasmado con aquella experiencia y afirmando que el norteamericano era el mas importante arquitecto vivo de la epoca.