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Soviet chief of secret police under Joseph Stalin

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But he's kind of slightly set back from the others, it's almost as though he's taken it very, very personally, the fall of Stalin; he can't quite deal with him until he's persuaded that getting rid of Beria is the thing to do, and then he becomes, sort of, rather manically vicious.
Rupert Friend as Vasily Stalin, Simon Russell Beale as Lavrentiy Beria and Andrea Riseborough as Svetlana Stalina
The offspring of Beria, Mikoyan, Molotov and Kaganovich are loyal to their progenitors: they paint pictures of loving husbands and fathers who, if they killed, did so only to save their own families.
The Nov 13 evening bombardment of an Armenian- populated district of Aleppo wounded 5 people, the Beria
From Germany he continued the series with Pretender to the Throne (1979), which follows a trail of denunciations and intrigue around Chonkin all the way to Lavrenty Beria and Joseph Stalin.
In this period similar ideas were promoted by Beria and Malenkov.
Il n'a fallu que deux minutes a l'Ivoirien, bien servi dans la surface par Beria, pour tromper Audard (1-0).
One of those agents, a man named Pavel Sudoplatov, claimed in his memoirs that 6 upon receiving the directive to kill Trotsky from Lavrenti Beria, Stalin's fearsome chief of state security -- he selected Mercader to carry out the murder of Trotsky.
v vMarvin Martin returns but Franck Beria, Aurelien Chedjou, Mathieu Debuchy and Florent Balmont are all absent.
This book documents the emergence of the NKVD and its role in the Soviet victory over the Nazis, focusing especially on the machinations and motivations of Stalin and NKVD chief Lavrenti Beria.
UK flights cancelled in Iberia strike beria has cancelled four flights from Heathrow to Madrid on Wednesday during its latest one-day strike by pilots.
colleagues were brought to speak with Lavrenty Beria, the head of the
When Lavrentyev was about to graduate in 1953, Stalin died, and the despised Beria was executed.