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avitaminosis caused by lack of thiamine (vitamin B1)

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JOHN ISLANDWith its history as a medical centre housing cholera and beri-beri patients, St.
It is well-known that the deficiency of certain vitamins causes disease - scurvy, beri-beri and rickets to name a few - and there must be a spectrum in all these conditions.
While in captivity, Manning suffered from beri-beri, dengue fever and malnutrition.
There were a couple of masters who would turn a blind eye to an enthusiast's disappearance to watch the Champion Chase on the BBC, but in the main it came down to deceit and intrigue involving implausible outbreaks of beri-beri or yet another dead grandmother who needed planting.
It was the start of a threeyear incarceration that saw him reduced to a skeletal six stone, surviving beatings, the vitamin deficiency beri-beri, and threats of beheading.
Men suffered from dysentery, beri-beri and malaria.
For the first half of the season his horses had more things wrong with them than a long-term patient at the Hospital for Tropical Diseases - Beri-Beri, Bilharzia, Green Monkey Fever and the Ebola Virus, not to mention the common cold.
By the outbreak of World War I it was a staple diet of soldiers, particularly those serving in the east who ate it to overcome diseases such as beri-beri.