Berberis vulgaris

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upright deciduous European shrub widely naturalized in United States having clusters of juicy berries

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Treatment of cutaneous leishmaniasis in murine model by alcoholic extract of Berberis vulgaris.
The effect of an alcoholic extract of Berberis vulgaris on cutaneous leishmaniasis (L.
Efficacy of Berberis vulgaris aqueous extract on viability of Echinococcus granulosus protoscolices.
Recent research has suggested that Berberis vulgaris fruits have an important role for human health and nutrition.
Firstly, the spots of naturally grown Berberis vulgaris fruits were identified.
In this study, antioxidant properties, organic acid contents and phenolic compound contents of Berberis vulgaris L.
Herb Total Juglans nigra fruit hull 400 mg Artemisia annua herb 400 mg Tabebuia avellanedae inner stem 200 mg Berberis vulgaris stem bark 360 mg Allium sativum bulb 720 mg Citrus paradisi seed 250 mg Thymus vulgaris oil 2 mg Rosmarinus officinalis oil 1 mg Origanum vulgare oil 10 mg Capsule to be opened and mixed with manuka honey three times daily.