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a member of an indigenous people of northern Africa

a cluster of related dialects that were once the major language of northern Africa west of Egypt

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A local Berber man drinking strong coffee introduced himself to the group as a mountain guide and apparently offered Todor some local "smoke", which my friend tactfully declined.
Berber revealed that a famous Dutch textile factory, "De Ploeg", inspired her and her partner Michiel Schuurman to develop coloring-book inspired fashion.
The embassy in Algiers distributed hundreds of paper and audio copies of the Quran amongst Berber tribes, which will allow thousands of non-Arabic speaking Berbers to understand the Quran.
Towards the beginning of the text, Hoffman clearly highlights her major concern as understanding the ways in which "expressive culture mediated constructions of place, personhood, and community among a marginalized yet fetishized indigenous group of Berber language speakers in the late twentieth century" (4).
The conflict here was religious and political, but also ethnic; the early Fatimid revolt was also a Berber-based movement, but with links to different Berber groups than those of the Ibadis, thus the struggle was in part Berber against Berber, as it was to be in many permutations down the Middle Ages.
The night before, Mustapha and his team had entertained us with traditional Berber songs, accompanied by the slow, steady rhythms of a goatskin drum.
It was this approach that preempted Algeria from becoming a truly pluralistic society and kept the Berbers from realizing full representation.
Colin added: "The climb was very successful and it was a fantastic and humbling experience living among the Berber people, a very fitting way to mark a century of scouting.
The Seven Addictions And Five Professions Of Anita Berber
The city has no shortage of places to eat, but for a true dining experience, try the opulence and romance of Narwama, while foodies keen to learn the art of Berber cooking in a traditional setting can also take advantage of Riad Magi's sister villa, on a lush farm outside Marrakech.
In the Masterweave Collection you will find many modern Twist, Berber and Saxony carpets all offering fantastic quality and style as well as at least a FREE 5 Year Wear Guarantee on every carpet.
Eren Berber said at the annual meeting of the Society of American Gastrointestinal Endoscopic Surgeons.
Berber hung on until inside the final furlong, where Lindholm quickened past.
Whereas the original berber had flecks of black, brown and gray, the new berber has flecks of jewel-toned colors, which Callari said is getting a tremendous response from designers.