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Benzene was a by-product of turning coal into coke and National Benzole added it to petrol.
Benzole cascaded through the torn plating on to the lyddite below, just as the Imro reversed propellor and pulled its bow clear in a shower of sparks.
Fenton also rides Moor Lane, who is sure to attract plenty of support in the National Benzole Handicap Chase, in which he tackles nine rivals.
The petroleum produced was a high grade fuel called National Benzole, the other company was Carless Colene - which was swallowed up almost overnight by the nationals.
AG fur Kohlendestillation was granted the right to erect a plant for the production of benzole and the distillation of coal tar on the site of Bell Brothers company.
Components to be measured: benzole, toluene, ethyl benzoate, o-, m-, p-xilol
I WONDER if any of your readers can remember filling up their cars before the war and for some years afterwards with a first-class fuel called National Benzole? This fuel was made from coal, and I can remember a picture appearing in the press of Lord Robens, the chairman of the Coal Board, holding a glass of this fuel for the cameras outside the Point of Ayr colliery in North Wales.