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a white crystalline solid occurring in many resins

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Benzoic acid (BA) is one of the most important additives in the food industry.
The objective of the present study was to investigate the adsorption behaviours by use of activated carbon (AC) for the removal of benzoic acid (BA), valeric acid (VA), butyric acid (BUA) and propionic acid (PA) from aqueous solutions by changing their initial concentration.
The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of benzoic acid and essential oil compounds on the performance of turkeys.
During the feeding period that lasted 56 days, one group (control) was fed on a basal diet while the second group was fed on the same diet supplemented with 300 mg/kg of a mixture of benzoic acid and essential oils (BMEO) compounds.
First, the geometries of Benzoic acid, Gallic acid, Vanillic acid and Flavone were fully optimized by DFT and B3LYP functional with 3-21G,6-31G and 6-31g(d), Gaussian basis set.
isotropic shielding show the tensor, 8th atoms in Benzoic Acid have more electronic density than other atoms.
Both strains also can extrude benzoic acid during growth in the presence of almost any weak acid.
Resorcinol and dihydroxy benzoic acids are among coal-processing wastes, their work shows.
Key words: Synthesis, 3-amino-4-hydroxyl benzoic acid phosphate, Pd-C, recycle.
8, 9] 3-amino-4-hydroxyl benzoic acid (3,4-AHBA) is known as monomer of poly(2,5-benzoxazole).
Benzoic acid may act as the functional group in salicylic acid and derivatives in the induction of multiple stress tolerance in plants.
Benzoic acid induces tolerance to biotic stresscaused by Phytophthora cinnamomi in Banksia attenuata.