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United States aviator who (with Richard E

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Draw: Saturday (10.30am roll call): Arthur Young (Bell Green), Danny Edkins (Attleboro), Dave Smith (Dunlop), Stuart Nash (BBC), Peter Davenport (Greville BC), Steve Bennett, Alan Belcher, Mick Chandler, Les Gallimore (Haunchwood), Gary Marsh, Russell Prosser, Andy Wright, Chris Burchin, Ian Gibbs (King George BC), Stuart Bishop, Danny Boyle (Tanworth-in-Arden).
ALERT: Det Chief Insp Tim Godwin (front, left) with Kevin Eastwood and (back, from left) Marion Beldon, PC Tim Bennett, Alan Coulson, Naela Naz, Mala Lingam, Alan Rowe, Barbara Creswell and PC Steve Cleverley when the scheme was launched.
D17671_1 WE'RE WATCHING: DCI Tim Godwin and Kevin Eastwood, executive director of Boss, with (back from left) Marion Beldon, manager of Texaco at Walsgrave, PC Tim Bennett, Alan Coulson, security manager at Asda, Naela Naz, of West Midlands police, Mala Lingam, manager of Texaco in Radford, Alan Rowe, West Midlands police crime prevention officer, Barbara Cresswell, West Midlands police community partnership officer, and PC Steve Cleverley.
Lettermen present were Gary Bearden, Jim Campanella, Harold Crain, Jeff Duncan, Mike Harriss, Bruce Huntley, Mike McRoy, Paul Miller, Tim Russell, Mike Lee, Justin Willi, John Heape, Alan Beck, Dennis Buck, John DeMarie, Mike Downs, Richard Gaddis, Dave Olson, Mike Pullis, Paul Ritter, Mark Sanders, Don Stanhouse, Steve Wilbanks, Ed Bennett, Alan Crews, David Sims, Ron Mann, David Halstead, Alan Porter and Mike Winthrop.
Middle row: Alf Arnold, Andy Parker, John Galvin, Frank Lynas, Rod Barber, Geoff Wilson, Alan Bennett, Alan Harbour.