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English painter (born in America) who became the second president of the Royal Academy (1738-1820)


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9) Eagles's notation on his copy of a letter to him from Benjamin West, 10 Oct.
After briefly apprenticing with a jeweler in Philadelphia, Fulton left his engineering pursuits behind and traveled to London to begin a career in painting under the tutelage of American-born artist Benjamin West.
To support the argument that the coins were regarded as works of fine art, Dr Clay points to contemporary collectors among the middle and upper classes and the involvement of the Royal Academy - first as collaborator, with its president Benjamin West offering to lend Opposite: Richard Clay, art lecturer and exhibition co-ordinator
By depicting General James Wolfe's death in the 1759 Battle of Quebec in a realist style, for instance, showing soldiers and officers in contemporary dress rather than classical attire, Benjamin West broke with convention and caused a sensation in London.
This is followed by "History Painting and American Indians: Benjamin West and Others, 1760-1804," in which the author suggests West's depictions of Indians present a standardized type or "generic Indian," even though the artist owned Indian objects and was distinguished among British artists by his colonial birth and firsthand knowledge of American Indians.
On his return from an expedition to northern Sweden, Linnaeus had himself portrayed as a Laplander, stagecraft that Banks emulated when he posed as a Maori chief for artist Benjamin West.
He persuaded prominent artists who are famous still--Joshua Reynolds, Benjamin West, George Romney and Henry Fuseli, among them--to participate.
Translated by Dryden, read by Pope and Benjamin West, Dufresnoy was "a household name" among the elite in England.
He was a Welsh pirate but he wrote the first American novel while he was marooned in Nicaragua, and taught the American painter Benjamin West how to paint.
In the artworks shared in this article, artists Filippino Lippi, Benjamin West and Pablo Picasso recorded their interpretations of events that have shaped our civilization so they would remain in the memories of the viewers.
Friday, October 21, is the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar and to mark the event the Walker Art Gallery is highlighting the two Death of Nelson paintings by Benjamin West and Daniel Maclise.
Though they represent two 4th-century Etruscan objects and one 4th-century Greek piece, they are displayed with Agrippa and Her Children Mourning Over the Ashes of Germanicus, an 18th-century oil painting by American artist, Benjamin West.
Highlights include period paintings and portraits by Benjamin West, Dominic Serres, and Sir Joshua Reynolds.
Thus, though it shifted operations of the museum to a nonprofit foundation in 1992, one of the most disadvantaged districts in the state owns paintings by Benjamin West, Milton Avery, John Singer Sargent, George Bellows, Raphaelle Peale, Julien Dupre, Thomas Cole, Frederic Church, Edgar Degas, Henri Matisse--and dozens more.