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Parotid gland diseases in the patients in the study (n = 320) Pathology n (%) Benign neoplasm 306 (95.
Myofibromas are benign neoplasms composed of contractile myoid cells and myofibroblasts; they are considered the most common fibrous proliferation of infancy and childhood.
As a benign neoplasm endoscopic treatment is now widely recommended as first line therapy.
78 times higher among 28,854 adults with chronic constipation than among 86,562 controls without chronic constipation, and the risk of developing benign neoplasms was 2.
Researchers found that both colorectal cancer (CRC) and benign neoplasms are more prevalent in chronic constipation patients compared to a control population free from chronic constipation.
It represents a benign neoplasm of uncertain histogenesis, which often infiltrates through medullary spaces, and is characterized by certain histologic features, notably, the absence of mitotic figures.
Appendectomy alone or combined with TAH+BSO via laparotomy is recommended in benign neoplasms of appendix in an elder female [8].
Of the inconclusive cases, five were non-neoplastic proliferative lesions, five were benign neoplasms, three were malignant lesions and three were inflammatory processes.
Most papillary carcinomas and other types of malignancy other than follicular carcinoma can also be identified (Miller et al 1981) by this technique as sufficient cytologic criteria are not available to definitively separate certain benign neoplasms from malignant neoplasms.
The histological diagnosis is the basis for treatment and prognosis of these patients; given that myxoid liposarcoma is highly uncommon, frequently benign neoplasms are considered with small biopsies.
Feather folliculomas are usually considered benign neoplasms in domestic birds and may be primarily ulcerative, exudative, bilateral, and symmetric in location.
It is also consistent with previously published series that establish myxoma as the most common of these benign neoplasms.
Extensive chapters include normal cytology and histology, artifacts and age-related changes, malignant and benign neoplasms, diffuse pulmonary hemorrhage, large and small airways, tobacco- related diseases, specific infectious agents, transplant-related pathology, therapeutic drug reactions and radiation effects, pediatric pulmonary pathology, and numerous others.
1,2) Primary small-bowel carcinoma is an uncommon cause of small-bowel obstruction, lymphoma and benign neoplasms being more common.
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