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(Hinduism) a member of a people living in Bangladesh and West Bengal (mainly Hindus)

an ethnic group speaking Bengali and living in Bangladesh and eastern India

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a Magadhan language spoken by the Bengali people


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Moreover as Drummond pointed out in 1972 the finding of someone's remains cannot clarify unless scientifically demonstrated whether the person was Bengali or non-Bengali combatant or non-combatant whether death took place in the 1971 war or whether it was caused by the Pakistan Army.
The Bengali representative however was not ideal choice because he had record of never been able to get elected but always being brought into positions of power from the backdoor.
Notably, earlier Bengali settlers including Abchar Master, Azad, and Abul Kalam grabbed around 4.
Bengali Ambassador lauded the new LMRA laws and regulations and achievements in regulating expats labour.
Evidence of the importance of fish in the Bengali diet lies in the revered status enjoyed by Ilish (hilsa), a seasonal fish that was traditionally only available in the monsoons for a few weeks, its delicate flavour enjoyed in various forms, from fried fish to signature curries.
The Bengali nationalist movement originated from the attempts for the preservation of the Bengali language.
Despite moments of awkwardness and elements of "foreignization" in some poems, Tagore's translated poems achieved an autonomy that distanced them somewhat from their Bengali counterparts.
Because of this Bengali sepoys continued to use smoothbore muskets until the British were reequipped with the breechloading Snider-Enfield, whereupon they passed their rifled muskets down to the sepoys.
Thus, Kokrajhar has a highly mixed population of Bodos, Santhals, Bengali -speaking Hindus and Muslims, and every group which forms a minority wants a share in administration.
Her ethnic origin does not prevent her from constructing a case in which the very Bengali notion of Bengali nationalism is being questioned on strong grounds.
At the sports-themed restaurant Caught and Bowled at Salt Lake, Kolkata's posh suburb, where he dropped in on Saturday evening with Ajinkya Rahane, Umesh Yadav and Pragyan Ojha, the master blaster even educated his younger teammates on the tricks of tackling the paturi, as a breathless Kolkata media kept informing us through out Sunday (one prominent Bengali news channel went on playing a 30-sec clip on a loop all through the evening prime time with an EXCLUSIVE watermark screaming across the footage).
The event, organised by the North East of England Bengali Puja Association, marked the end of the annual Bengali Hindu Religious Ceremony in Newcastle's West End.
KARACHI -- 'There is a colonial pattern of control visible in Balochistan which has resulted in the largest province of Pakistan not only lagging behind, but falling further behind,' said Dr Kaiser Bengali, economist and former adviser to the Balochistan chief minister, at the Arts Council here on Tuesday.
For an Indian actor with a filmography of more than 300 names, Sridevi has been somewhat conspicuous by her absence in Bengali films.
All banks will have to use Bangla in loan approval letters for implementing the goal of the Bengali Language Introduction Act, 1987 and protecting the client's interest," said a BB circular.