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Synonyms for benefice

an endowed church office giving income to its holder

endow with a benefice

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Il releve, a cet egard, que les performances du groupe BMCE Bank n'ont jamais ete bonnes qu'aujourd'hui, avec un benefice record de 2 milliards de dirhams en 2014, une prouesse rendue possible grace a la bonne tenue des activites au Maroc, mais aussi a la dynamique des filiales en Afrique subsaharienne.
La Bourse de Casablanca attenue ses pertes a la cloture apres des prises de benefices
Context : Avec une concurrence pour l acces a l eau toujours plus intense, le partage des benefices des eaux transfrontieres (rivieres, bassins hydrographiques, eaux souterraines) represente un defi majeur pour les pays riverains, voire a l echelle mondiale.
In a recent essay, O'Connor wrote: "My theory is that creating local benefices with global support to engage the natural creative life of a small community shifts the cultural emphasis away from nomadic tendencies of the technological culture and toward a more generative and sustainable local culture.
He concludes that the system of benefices "set genuine structural limits to reform" (58).
dissertation in medieval history at Trinity College Dublin, Hogan traces the history of the settlement of the Irish estates of the Llanthony canons, in Ireland and uses the charters to map the tithes of land in the counties in which they held benefices.
Benefices attendus et escomptes (hemodynamie, epuration, equilibre hydro-electrolytique et acido-basique)
Ici, on pense particulierement aux regimes enregistres d'epargne retraite (individuels ou collectifs) et aux regimes de participation differee aux benefices (RPDB).
Le lissage des benefices est defini comme une configuration particuliere de la gestion des resultats au sein des societes d'Etat.
Over pounds 796 was raised for Christian Aid at the United Benefices of Easington Sponsored Walk.
Les sujets traites incluent des etudes empiriques sur le commerce international et l'environnement, la forme urbaine et les fusions municipales, l'elaboration d'un schema conceptuel pour l'evaluation des benefices conjoints provenant d'un changement climatique et un schema theorique pour une science regionale portant sur l'environnement.
In "Rectors and Vicars" the author assesses the relationship between the Church's upper level engagements--investiture, the sale of church benefices, Mortmain--and every day parish life.
Among Starr's case studies is one that establishes the identity of the composer Vincenet ("Vincentius du Bruecquet" in Vatican documents), who resigned his benefices in 1470 and can therefore be distinguished from the papal singer Johannes Vincenet (d.
Although the Canon held several benefices in the Low Countries, he lived in Bruges, one of the most important ports of the Hanseatic League, a rich and thriving business centre.