Benedict XV

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pope who founded the Vatican service for prisoners of war during World War I (1854-1922)

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The present situation reminds me of the world dilemma in 1914 and the efforts of Pius X (1835-1914) and, later, Benedict XV (1854-1922) to stop the so-called "Great War.
Second, Coppa emphasizes that Pacelli's stance during World War II was shaped by his desire to emulate the secretary of state under Pope Benedict XV, Pietro Gasparri, who had helped Pacelli to enter the Vatican and had been a leading artifice of the Vatican's policy of neutrality during World War I.
Explaining his choice of the name Benedict (after Benedict XV, who worked against World War I), April 19, 2005
htm) Pope Benedict XV Resignation: Was Shock Announcement Result of Health or Power Struggle?
Similarly, your predecessor Benedict XV, of blessed memory, who witnessed the Genocide of the Armenian people hit the defenseless, sent a letter on September 10, 1915 with a solemn appeal to the Ottoman Sultan Mohamed V.
The reasons for this situation are not entirely clear at that time, but might relate to the fact that it was not until May 1919 that a papal charter from Pope Benedict XV granted full autonomy to an independent Catholic university with Universite de Montreal as its name.
The bookish prefect of the Vatican library with a fiery temper, Ratti was plucked from obscurity by Pope Benedict XV to head the Vatican embassy to Poland and then to serve as the full nuncio to the newly independent nation.
In the words of Popes Leo XIII, Pius X, Benedict XV and Pius XI, it is an "apostolate second only to the divine doctrines and laws and worship of the Church.
Benedict XV was the prophet of a benign globalization.
The Pope chose the pontifical name Benedict, which comes from the Latin word meaning "the blessed", in honour of both Pope Benedict XV and Saint Benedict of Nursia.
Pope Benedict XV (1914-1922) tried unsuccessfully to end World War I and to create an international alliance among the nations of the world.
The name Benedict came from the Latin for "blessing" and the last Pope bearing the name, Benedict XV, reigned during the First World War.
Pope Benedict xv, starts out his trip to the United States with the first of many apologies for the sexual abuse scandal.
Pope Benedict XV said he prays to God that the death of Archbishop Rahho could in some way help the peace process in Iraq.
Eliot, Milwaukee artist Bob Watt and a poem honoring the encyclical of Pope Benedict XV.