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pope who was a patron of the arts and who denounced the cruelty to the indigenous peoples of South America (1675-1758)

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Nevertheless, this is a groundbreaking study; already well-established in European historiography, it obligates adjusting the still-prevailing image of Benedict XIV as "enlightened" despite the valiant attempts of correction by Mario Rosa and now C.
Based on previous statements of Blessed John Paul II and Pope Benedict XIV, the bishops state that, "the Catholic Church fosters and defends these freedoms which are grounded in Sacred Scripture and supported by rational reflection."
Prospero Lamertini (later Pope Benedict XIV, 1740-1758) described the promoter's charge:
Michelle won Pop Idol in 2003 and has gone on to a varied career including spells acting on stage in the West End in Little Voice, singing for Pope Benedict XIV at Bellahouston Park last year and radio and TV presenting.
Though the Sorbonne, at the behest of Pope Benedict XIV, officially reinstated Prades in October 1754, the arrest warrant of the Parlement remained in effect and he was never able to return to France.
I suspect the basic reason is not unconnected to the retreat of John Paul II from the spirit of Vatican 2, the constraints imposed on Hans Kung by Benedict XIV, insistence on priestly celibacy, and prohibition of condom use by ordinary Catholics in lands where HIV is rampant, a prohibition by elderly male celibates and one viciously cruel to women in particular.
For a while, this pope called himself Benedict XIV because he didn't want to bring on bad luck by using number 13.
In a message read out at the Mass, Pope Benedict XIV described Mother Teresa as an "inestimable gift" and said, "this year will be for the church and the world an occasion of joyful gratitude to God." (ANI)
The final papal prohibition of Chinese rites occurred under Pope Benedict XIV in 1742, when he also extended the ban to the Malabar rites in India.
Greg Watts, the author of a biography of Pope Benedict XIV, said he expected more cases of abuse to surface in the future.
Last year, Yu conducted the China Philharmonic at the Vatican in the Paul VI Auditorium in a concert attended by Pope Benedict XIV. The occasion is regarded as a great step in bringing Eastern and Western cultures closer together.
Summary: Pope Benedict XIV is in Jerusalem, visiting some of the holiest sites in Christianity, Judaism and Islam, on his tour Middle East tour.
The Hermitage Ensemble are touring the UK after recently performing in the Vatican for Pope Benedict XIV.
Pope Benedict XIV defended the legacy of the wartime Pope Pius XII.
The prayer's present form was finalized in 1724 by Pope Benedict XIV. During his administration Pope John Paul II initiated a weekly midday Angelus address in St.