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United States humorist (1889-1945)

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Nat Benchley will be reading from his grandfather's writings and discussing his life during a three-part summer performance series titled "Benchley, Behrman and Bishop" presented by the Worcester Historical Museum and American Classic Theatre.
Edmund Benchley may have been the only man from Worcester County to die in that brief conflict.
Originally, author Peter Benchley was going to call his book A Stillness in the Water and you've got to wonder how that would have gone down in Hollywood, where attention spans are notoriously short.
Such a career almost certainly never could be duplicated in present times, where individuals toil for a lifetime to achieve just one of the coveted positions held by Benchley.
They are calling it the "Algonquin Round Table Gala," after the famous early 20th-century literary circle that included such lights as Dorothy Parker and Robert Benchley.
David Carkeet has been likened by enthusiastic reviewers to everyone from Terry Southern to Robert Benchley to J.
Benchley had long since moved out of Worcester to New York, but he retained many old friends here and had grown increasingly concerned over things he heard about Judge Thayer.
Benchley was quick to point out the multiethnic makeup of Brazil and promised that the group would be "meeting people of all colors" during its travels.
Among the invited guests this year are Olympic gold medal hurdler Edwin Moses, author Peter Benchley, Wall Street guru Henry Kaufman, Indiana Gov.
A brief encounter at the famed Algonquin round table with critic Alexander Woollcott and actor-writer Robert Benchley fails to capture the brittle wit of the humorous gathering.
And though his books have translated to more than $325 million at the domestic box office, Clancy ranks with the likes of Peter Benchley ("Jaws"), Thomas Berger ("Little Big Man"), John Updike ("The Witches of Eastwick"), Norman Mailer ("The Naked and the Dead"), Kurt Vonnegut ("Slaughterhouse-Five"), Thomas McGuane ("Rancho Deluxe") and a few others with three books apiece.
After frightening an entire generation out of the ocean with ``Jaws,'' author and oceanographer Peter Benchley has created a new underwater terror - architeuthis dux or the great squid - the world's largest invertebrate.
Welcome to the Peter Benchley recycled cinema center.
The two-part ``Beast'' is based on the book by Peter Benchley, author of ``Jaws.
Robert Benchley, showing a cautionary side, cabled his friends back in New York: "Streets full of water; please advise.